My website dedicated to collecting and restoration of antique penny arcade machines.

This site is a hobby to me as is the collecting. i do try to update the website once a month or when i purchase a new machine. I do have more machines then listed and i'm always selling and buying machines to complete my collection. I will in the near future like to advance the website and have more inforamation on the restoration of these old machines.

Keeping the hobby alive !!


Prices on must amusement machines seem to have fallen hard in the last 12 months. Pinball and video games seem to be the worst effected i would say that prices have dropped approximately 40% since this time last year. Great if you are buying very bad if you are selling. Lets see what the rest of the year brings.


Managed to pick up a lovely original Taito SPACE INVADERS arcade machine. A must for any collection. Been quite on the old amusement collecting front not many machines around that seem to appeal to me at the moment, just the same old allwins...


Coming soon  RESTORATION GUIDE for flickballs from myself and other collectors........


I have just purchased a BRYANS ELEVENSES to restore from a local collector, He has some real nice machines in his collection. Hope I can purchase some more  from him in the near future. The flickball looks to be in solid condition, just needs the back flash changing and a general once over. Take a look at the work in progress in the ANTIQUE GAMES section. I Hope to restore this with in the next 3-4 weeks.


 Picked up a nice BRYANS BULLION from another local source. It had been stood in a dry shed for the past 15 years. Everything is in nice clean working order all the chrome is good. Although I did have to strip off the yellow finish on the cabinet since someone had sanded most of it off. I forgot to take some before  pictures for the web site....doh.  I will do the net time.

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Please contact me if you have any old arcade machines for sale old or new - Working or not.



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